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CO-OP Program for FFA

What's a CO-OP?

Cooperatives are businesses that are owned and operated by the very people who use it's products and services. Plus, when profits are made, everyone in the co-op shares them. Cooperatives have been very important to the agriculture industry because it helps turn a bunch of "little guys" into one powerhouse. For example, a farmer with a few cows won't buy enough vitamins to qualify for the bulk discount. But when several of these dairies buy their feed supplements together, the amount is large enough to get a price break.

You can carry on this American tradition by creating and running a co-op in your school or community. To do it right, you'll need to work on it all year long and take it seriously.

For those FFA chapters that carryout successful cooperative programs, the CO-OP Award and CO-OP Tour are great incentive awards available.

CO-OP 101

CO-OP Examples

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