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Illinois FFA BUILD Conference sponsored by Illinois Farm Bureau & Affiliates is open to FFA juniors who want to develop their career path and personal skills.

County Farm Bureau Acquaintance Program is a chance to get to know the state's largest agriculture organization and build new relationships.

CO-OP Program celebrates the chapters that learn about cooperative businesses the hard way – by starting a co-op of your own!

The Heritage Program of American Agriculture & history applauds the chapters that dig deep and find their roots to learn about

Heritage and CO-OP Tour takes representatives from the top chapters in the Heritage and CO-OP programs to Washington D.C. and Gettysburg.

Harvest for All is a statewide effort to help feed the hungry in Illinois.

Chapter President Award recognizes the students who excel in their responsibilities as a chapter president.

Top 10 Section President Award celebrates the most involved and innovative section presidents in the state.

4-H LCP Award rewards the top 10 4-H members in the state who exhibit excellence in Leadership, Citizenship, and Professionalism.

Premier 20 Conference is a one-of-a-kind conference that brings ten 4-H and ten FFA members together in a leadership-building conference

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